Patented technology for superlative quality!

Benefit from the cutting edge technology for soft ice cream!

Our Luna freezers, which operate on an unique and long-term patented principle, are developed and manufactured in our factory in Kulmbach. The special feature is that every LUMEN soft ice cream machine can not only refrigerate but heat the ice cream mix to about 75 degrees. This means that the ice cream mix is totally pasteurised and germs don't have a chance. LunaMil ice cream is hygienically perfect at all times.

Another advantage of the Luna freezer is that the central electronic controls system of our machines is connected to a GSM modem which regularly transmits specific data by mobile radio to the technical department at LUMEN head office. A telemetric system enables us to set and adjust the ice cream machines at a distance, which means that in most cases technical faults can be detected at an early stage and easily corrected by the head office department.

The advantages of the LunaFreezer:

  • patented high-performance machine
  • easy to operate
  • constructed for seasonal business
  • sales possible till shop closing time
  • closed hygiene chain thanks to high-pressure system
  • automatic pasteurising
  • no daily manual cleaning necessary
  • no time-consuming dismantling of machine parts necessary
  • small dimensions (42 x 78 cm)
  • self-service also possible

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