Enjoy and don't worry

LunaMil products are synonymous with absolute freshness and impeccable hygiene

A summer without ice cream is almost unthinkable. However, even as people are enjoying the delicious ice cream they start worrying about the quality - and especially with soft ice cream the consumers are often sceptical. There is no reason to be - because LunaMil soft ice cream is the best and freshest ice cream you can choose.

Firstly, every LunaMil ice cream is produced on the spot and eaten right away – ice cream can´t be fresher.

Secondly, the patented technology of LunaMil ice cream machines guarantees faultless quality and hygiene. The reason is that the liquid ice cream mix can not only be cooled but also heated to about 75°C. This pasteurising process automatically ensures perfect hygiene. In addition, samples of the ice cream are taken continously and are analysed in independent laboratories.