Reliable service for maximum efficiency

We're at your service at all times – partnership only works as a joint operation

Service at LunaMil is essential. It starts with thorough training of your sales staff by our highly qualified sales advisers and includes reliable technical on-site service by our field service engineers. They not only carry out the obligatory cleaning of the ice cream machine every six weeks, but they're also on the spot at very short notice if any technical problems should arise – and all this is „inclusive“.

LunaMil service:

  • The LUNA freezer, the sales stand and all the necessary accessories are provided on a loan basis
  • Free domicile delivery of LunaMil ice cream mix, cones, toppings, icings, etc.(subject to minimum order quantity)
  • Instruction of sales staff regarding operation of the machine, portioning, hygiene, implementation of the HACCP principles, selling techniques, etc.
  • Regular follow-up visits for purposes of sales promotion and LUMEN partner support
  • Regular maintenance and inspection plus correction of technical faults by our service engineers
  • Voluntary, regular taking of samples of LunaMil ice cream for analysis in approved scientific laboratories; written information about results sent to LUMEN partners
  • Expert advice on questions regarding technical equipment and selling methods by our soft ice cream specialists