At your disposal at all times!

Our maintenance and technical service is always available to you

A technical problem can come up at any time – both during a quiet business period and during peak times. For our system partners that's no reason for concern.

In most cases a mechanical problem can be dealt with easily by our head office.



What makes this possible is a GSM modem which is connected to the electronic control system of our ice cream machines and regularly sends specific data to the technical department at LUMEN head office. The connection enables also long-distance telemetric controls and adjustments to be carried out by the technical department.

If, however, an expert is needed on site, our partners profit from reliable technical on-site service by one of our field service engineers, who can be on the spot within a very short time in case of emergency. These service engineers also carry out obligatory complete cleaning of the ice cream machine and thus ensure that the whole business operation runs smoothly.