Suitable advertising for steady success!

We support you with advertising targeted at specific groups

Only a well-known product can give you the business success you want.

A comprehensive and coherent marketing strategy is therefore one of the most important components of the LunaMil system.

First of all there's a selection of various attractive sales kiosks or stands, which can be adapted to the needs of individual locations in regards to size and capacity.

Additionally we offer a wide range of advertising material aimed at sales promotion matching our stands and kiosks and created to be consistent with our modern and attractive corporate design. Apart from attractive wall displays, pavement boards, banners and parasols, all in the LunaMil colours of summer, there are also various possibilities of product and price presentation in the form of counter display cards, displays with replaceable price tags or price posters, which can for example be mounted on the cone dispenser.

Last but not least, our successful marketing strategy also includes innovative and effective sales promotions and attractive media campaigns, which are accompanied by the appropriate PR activities.

LunaMil marketing:

  • detailed location studies
  • variety of stand designs
  • customised solutions
  • training at point of sale (POS)
  • provision of advertising material
  • continuous PR activities (press, radio, ...)
  • advertising campaigns and sales promotions