The LunaMil soft ice cream horoscope

Here you see what your soft ice cream stars tell

Aries aren't necessarily gourmets but eat pragmatically. A classic dark ice with chocolate icing is what they like best.
Taurus have a strongly developed sense for enjoyment. A soft ice cream with delicately melting chocolate icing and enriched with quality hazel-nuts is therefore the perfect Taurus ice cream.
Gemini are, in the culinary sense, very fond of experimenting. A combination of strawberry topping, white chocolate icing and grated coconut would therefore not be unusual for a Gemini.
Cancer are level-headed connoisseurs and prefer simple creations. Their soft ice cream favourite is strawberry flip with fruity strawberry topping.
Leo people eat what their eyes tell them to, so for them an ice cream creation must also have a visual impact. Red strawberry topping and dark chocolate chips give their soft ice cream the perfect look.
The Virgo motto is simplicity and propriety, which leaves them only one choice as far as soft ice cream is concerned: plain and unadorned, no topping or sprinkles.
Libras are aesthetes – also at the table. So what they will prefer is, for example, a classical combination of dark chocolate topping and white grated coconut for their soft ice cream.
Scorpios are among the classical ice cream epicures and have only a limited interest in experiment. For them an ice cream creation with caramel topping and dark chocolate icing would be exactly what they need.
Sagittarius like their food to have an international flair. They would use a fruity strawberry topping and hazel-nut brittle to create their own, typically Italian, soft ice cream.
It's typical of Capricorn to enjoy the traditional. A simple creation with plain soft ice cream and chocolate chips would hit the mark for them.
Creativeness is, for Aquarius, on the culinary programme. In regards to soft ice cream they express this with a combination of dark chocolate icing and hundreds & thousands.
Pisces sometime become real gourmets. No trouble luring them with a soft ice cream with delicious caramel topping and delicately melting white chocolate icing.