LUMI tells you everything about soft ice cream!

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Why doesn't the soft ice cream melt when it's dipped into the hot chocolate icing?

As the cold soft ice cream is only in the chocolate icing for a very short time, only a very thin layer of chocolate sticks to the ice cream. This thin layer is quickly cooled by the ice cream and gets hard.

Why is soft ice cream so soft?

Because it's poured fresh out of the machine and eaten right away. It doesn't have to go into the freezer first, like other ice cream.

How is soft ice cream made?

The ice mix is made of skimmed milk, vegetable fat, skimmed milk powder and other ingredients.  This ice mix is poured into the soft ice cream machine and air is added to it in the freezing cylinder. It is cooled down to about minus 8° C and refrigerated.  Because of its soft, creamy texture the soft ice cream can be poured fresh out of the machine and eaten straight away.

What's inside the soft ice cream?

More than 75% of the soft ice cream is milk. It also contains sugar, vegetable fat and vanilla aroma.

How does soft ice cream get its shape?

Soft ice cream is squirted out of the machine into the cone. Because it's squirted through a nozzle, the way mummy does it when she's icing a cake, soft ice comes out in its typical swirling conical shape.