One ice cream says more than a thousand words

Chocolaty, fruity or just plain? Find out what ice cream type you are and what your preferences reveal about you.

The vanilla type
Do your strengths include sensitivity and adaptability? Then you're probably the vanilla type: they like their ice cream in its purest form. Intelligent, tolerant and understanding, the vanilla type seldom loses patience – if you commit something confidential to them, you can rely on their discretion. In the sphere of love and romance they look for real friendship.
The chocolate lovers
The characteristics of the chocolate lovers tend to be inventiveness and tactfulness. They're always cheerful and full of the joy of life. They get what they want but do it kindly and gently, and are popular thanks to their great charm and a sixth sense for the feelings of others. And when they do yield up their hearts there's always a great deal of passion involved
The strawberry fans
Thanks to admirable virtues like cleverness, honesty and diligence the strawberry fans are able to manage their lives easily, keeping a cool head even in difficult situations. As the strawberry types usually act with forethought they may seem a bit phlegmatic, but in reality they can react to changes rapidly. All strawberry fans are cuddly and like to snuggle up.
The enthusiasts for white chocolate icing
The enthusiasts for white chocolate icing are experts at coping with stress. Usually they keep a cool head in almost every situation and manage to find a perfect solution for every problem: one of the reasons for appreciating the friendship of a white chocolate type. In matters of love they need someone to care for and look after.
The sprinkle fans
Full of energy, always optimistic and sometimes a bit chaotic – those are the typical qualities of the sprinkle fans. Always sociable and good-humoured, the sprinkle types love to be with other people and are crazy about parties. They always keep both feet on the ground and manage to make the best out of every situation. Surprisingly, the sprinkle fans are real romantics as far as love is concerned.