Cupid's arrow was yesterday – now you need a soft ice cream to get things started

Summer time is flirting time – but what do you do when you meet the person of your dreams? How start a conversation? Here's how to do it: use LunaMil to break the ice – and start the melting process


Soft ice cream - the flirt factor


Here's the situation. You're standing at the LunaMil kiosk and your eye falls on a good-looking young man.

And the solution? You buy two portions of LunaMil ice cream and go boldly up to your “victim”.

The pick-up line: “Excuse me, can you help me? I'm customer number 1000 at the ice cream stand and they've given me a free ice cream. There's no way I can eat it all on my own. Won't you take a break and eat one with me?”

Soft ice cream - the flirt factor

Another situation. It's the first date and you want to impress the adored one.

The solution? You walk up to a LunaMil ice cream stand and buy a big portion of soft ice cream with chocolate topping for your beloved and a small portion of plain soft ice cream for yourself.
And when she asks why you only got a small ice cream for yourself you say: “Actually I don't need any ice cream, as you're sweet enough already. But when you're around everything tastes twice as good!”