The best taste for the best sales!

LunaMil system partners benefit from our successful branded-products

LunaMil Ice Cream

Creamy soft ice cream, which is more or less freshly produced at the ice cream stand, is the secret to LunaMil's success. It's not surprising: our high-quality ice cream mixture with its subtle vanilla flavour consists of 75% premium milk and is very easy to process.



LunaMil Frozen Yoghurt

Cool, creamy and light – health-conscious people really appreciate these special properties in our frozen yoghurt products. The sale of frozen yoghurt is therefore a perfect sales-enhancing addition to the product range for LunaMil system partners.



LunaMil Toppings & Sauces

There are a number of different ingredients to choose from to add a finishing touch to the LunaMil vanilla soft ice cream so that every LunaMil customer can have a soft ice cream or frozen yoghurt to suit their own taste. The range of toppings that includes hazelnut and coconut praline and dark chocolate chips and multi-coloured sprinkles (hundreds & thousands) in addition to strawberry and caramel sauce and dark and white glaze allow you to create countless soft ice cream delights and offers something for everyone. Our waffles, toppings, glazes and syrups naturally satisfy the same high quality standards that we place on our ice cream.



Milkshakes are the perfect complement to our soft ice cream range and will guarantee you sales. The completely hygienic high-performance technology of our milkshake machines and the LunaMil shake mix are crucial for the freshness and quality of our milkshakes. Equipped with an automatic syrup dispenser, our milkshake machines produce a wide range of different flavours, such as pina colada, strawberry, chocolate or vanilla.

The sales of milkshakes is a very lucrative additional business for many LunaMil partners.

The advantages of LunaMil:

  • sterilised liquid mix
  • made of natural raw materials, without preservatives
  • ready to use ice cream mix filled in a modern bag in box
  • 1 year shelf life without refrigeration
  • no time-consuming and unhygienic stirring necessary – simply open and pour in
  • simple and hygienic refilling
  • best quality to meet the highest standard


LunaMil Slush-Ice

Slush-Ice from LunaMil and Romeo & Giulia is a wonderfully refreshing iced drink whose crystals stay liquid even when they are below zero degrees due to the continuous movement of the Slush machine. Slush-Ice is available in many different flavours: cola, sour cherry, orange, blueberry, woodruff-apple or even as our "XXL Joker" with Slush and soft ice cream! For LunaMil partners Slush-Ice has proven to be the product for young soft ice cream fans and those who are young at heart.