Soft ice cream - a genuine classic

From the laboratory to the cone – more than half a century of soft ice cream history

Ever since glacial snow or ice, mixed with honey and fruit, made its appearance as a sweet delicacy on the menus of the mighty in antiquity, ice cream became part of the culinary history of mankind. Many years later, about the middle of the 20 th century, the soft ice cream we know today evolved from the original product and very quickly became a long-term favourite in the ice cream segment.
Who would have thought that Margaret Thatcher*, later the British Prime Minister, would have belonged to the research team that invented soft ice cream in 1948? The Americans were the first great customer group for soft ice cream, and the consumption of soft serve rapidly spread all over the USA in the second half of the 20 th century.

Soft ice cream finally made its way to Germany towards the end of the 50s, through the founders of the company that is now called LUMEN GmbH. In 1958 on a trip to the States the owners of the IREKS GmbH, the parent company of LUMEN, recognised the market potential of soft ice cream and spontaneously decided to bring 100 soft ice cream machines back to Germany. The next step was to rebuild the machines and adapt them to the German market. The result was a soft ice cream boom in Germany, and the LUMEN GmbH, founded in 1962, was flooded with a gigantic wave of demand. To satisfy it, LUMEN finally began to build its own machines and develop new techniques, culminating in the Luna Freezer we have today.