Ice cream, Shakes & more

LunaMil taste sensations -try one!


Pure Variante

Pure Variety
Soft and creamy, snow-white with a subtle vanilla flavour – that was how it all started, and that ''pure'' variety is still the number one choice of many soft ice cream fans.



Eis-KlassikerIce Cream Creations
Nowadays the vast range of delicious ingredients makes innumerable ice cream creations possible. Apart from the soft ice cream classics, with chocolate icing or strawberry sundae with strawberry topping, our freshly poured LunaMil soft ice cream can be enriched with a wide variety of toppings, icings and granules.

Eisgenuss nach HerzenslustToppings
Strawberry and caramel topping, dark and white icing, hazelnut and coconut brittle, dark chocolate chips and hundreds & thousands can be combined however you like.





Alongside the variety of toppings and icings there are three different portion sizes: the children's size in small cones, the standard size in regular cones and the maxi version in cups offer the right portions for everyone.


Frozen yoghurt - the light snack

Cool, creamy and light – health-conscious people really appreciate these special properties in our frozen yoghurt products. Our frozen yoghurt products are based on a creamy, frozen dairy ice cream, with its delicate sour, fresh taste finished off with sophisticated toppings: passion fruit or Amarena cherry sauce, raspberry or chocolate-hazelnut sauce. There is something to suit every taste – try one yourself!



Freshly produced milkshakes are becoming more and more popular. The quick and delicious milk refreshment for a relaxing moment every now and then. It's not surprising that anyone who has tried a milkshake once will want to enjoy them over and over again. You will be amazed how good our popular pina colada range tastes. It is based on the finest pineapple and coconut flavours and is the perfect accompaniment for the pina colada when mixed with milk. And, in contrast to the traditional cocktail, the milkshake contains absolutely no alcohol and is therefore also suitable for children. Try out one of these flavours: strawberry, pina colada, chocolate or vanilla. Enjoy!


Slush-Ice – ultra cool – it "crushes" so well!

They are called Star, Fan, Freak, Hero and Cool and are a sought-after refreshment: Slush-Ice. With this new speciality, LunaMil is providing all soft ice cream fans with a colourful product that is half ice cream and half drink. Slush-Ice is available in many different flavours: sour cherry, cola, orange, blueberry, woodruff-apple or even as our "XXL Joker" with Slush and soft ice cream! Slush is in high demand from young people and the young at heart.