The best from milk

Fresh soft ice cream supplies valuable nutrients

Don't worry, just enjoy it, is the motto when you're talking about fresh soft ice cream. On one hand it's healthier than you'd think and – thanks to the 75 per cent milk content – supplies the body with valuable protein and plenty of vital calcium for strengthening nails and bones.

On the other hand it's low on calories: since the creamy consistency of soft ice cream is due to its special production technique, it does not – in contrast to traditional ice cream – need any extra fat to achieve the desired creaminess. With no more than 130 calories per 100 grammes it is just as suitable for the figure as of fruit curds with 20 per cent fat content.

Last but not least, there is no reason to have any doubts regarding its hygiene. Due to its patented technology the LunaMil ice cream machine can not only refrigerate the liquid ice cream mix but also heat it up to about 75 degrees. This assures the perfect hygiene of the soft ice cream.