Carefree soft ice cream enjoyment

Comprehensive hygiene is the top priority for LunaMil

A closed hygiene chain is the most important requirement for our soft ice cream, frozen yoghurt and shake products that should impress your customers with their freshness and quality.

In practice, we implement quality assurance using the HACCP concept that includes the following points:

  • LunaMil soft ice cream, frozen yoghurt and shake mix is completely mixed, pasteurised and packed under sterile conditions.
  • Our LunaMil ice cream, frozen yoghurt and shake machines are pressurised systems that no impurities can enter.
  • The liquid ice cream can be chilled and heated up to around 75 degrees thanks to the patented technology of the LunaMil ice cream machines. Any potential bacteria is automatically destroyed during this pasteurisation process.
  • Every six weeks the ice cream machine is also completely sterilised by the LunaMil service team.
  • In addition, product samples are taken for monitoring purposes and analysed in independent laboratories.