A close look at the history of soft ice cream

Tradition and innovation the hallmarks of the history of LUMEN GmbH

Historie1958 witnessed the beginning of soft ice cream history in Germany. That was the year the Ruckdeschel family, owners of IREKS GmbH in Kulmbach, imported the first soft ice cream machines from America to Germany. In 1962 – just a few years later – LUMEN GmbH was established as an IREKS GmbH subsidiary, and the successful development of our company was ready to get started.

One of the crucial elements of that success was the development of the LUNA freezer, the patented soft ice cream machine built by ourselves. Compared to all the other conventional soft ice cream machines that were used in the 60s, LUNA freezers were the first machines that, because of their built-in pasteurising mechanism, were able to produce one hundred per cent fresh and hygienically perfect soft ice cream. The technology was continuously refined over the years and, step by step, enabled soft ice cream to establish itself on the ice cream market.