Patented technology from soft ice cream pioneers

LunaMil ice cream machines are the frontrunners of modern soft ice cream production – past and present

At the end of the 50s the first soft ice cream machines were imported to Germany from America by the founders of the the present LUMEN GmbH, and technically adjusted for the German market.

It was a time of rapidly growing demand and as a result LUMEN started to build its own machines and develop new technologies.

Over the years the patented LunaMil ice cream machines were increasingly improved and constantly set new standards for soft ice cream production.

Also in case of high demand no technical problems occur, and thanks to the built-in self-pasteurising system the hygiene status of the patented technology is 100 per cent reliable.

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Lucrative Additional Business for You!

Milkshake sales with innovative technology


The LUNA milkshake machine L 07 HL/W S equipped with the same proven LUNA technology is just as efficient as our soft ice cream machines.

With overrun of 40 to 70 % – depending on the shake mix – you as an operator will be able to sell around 120 x 0.3 l portions every hour.

The automatic sauce dispenser allows you to offer your customers a total of four different flavours.


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