Ice cream in its most natural form

Best ingredients give LunaMil ice cream its incomparable taste

Hochwertige MilchHigh-quality milk
The natural ingredients make our soft ice cream not only delicious but healthier than you'd think. The reason is the high proportion of milk, about 75 per cent, which supplies valuable protein. The high-quality milk directly processed for our soft ice cream helps to meet the daily need for vital calcium, which strengthens nails and bones.


Natürliche ZutatenBy the way
By the way: our toppings, such as strawberry topping, hazelnut brittle etc. are also made of natural high-quality ingredients which give the ice cream its special deliciousness.




Another advantage: The creamy consistency of our soft ice cream is due to the way it is made in special soft ice cream machines, which ensure that it is always produced fresh for immediate consumption

Compared to traditional ice cream no additional fat is needed to achieve the desired creaminess.

Thus with just 130 calories per 100 grams, LunaMil soft ice cream is just as good to the figure as the same quantity of fruits curds with 20 per cent fat content.