7 good reasons for becoming a LunaMil partner

There are many persuasive arguments for becoming a LunaMil partner. Convince yourself!

1. The Brand – For more than five decades LunaMil has been dominating the German soft ice cream market, where it became established.

2. The Freshness – every soft ice cream, every milkshake and every frozen yoghurt product is produced just before it is consumed. It couldn't be fresher and you can taste this freshness too!

3. The Quality – Best ingredients and superlative quality are our primary aim. The incomparable taste of LunaMil soft ice cream is the secret of our success.

4. The Hygiene – Perfect hygiene is our absolute priority. It is one of the reasons we are today regarded as Germany's market leader for brand soft ice cream in the systems catering sector.

5. The Service – According to the principle of all-in-one we not only provide you with the necessary technology but also supply all the ingredients. Furthermore we offer reliable technical support and sales training courses by qualified personnel.

6. The Marketing – From A for advertising to Z for zero worries our marketing activities cover everything that can help to ensure your individual success.

7. The Competence – As mechanical engineers and soft ice cream experts in one we can provide you with support in every field as an always reliable partner.